Bulk Golden Milk Latte | SUTRA Gold

Bulk Golden Milk Latte | SUTRA Gold

The delicious blend of spices, like ginger, maca, and turmeric, in this coffee replacement will give you the energy boost you need.  Popular in Ayurvedic (traditional Indian) medicine, this golden-hued beverage has skyrocketed in popularity for its energizing properties and delicious, slightly spicy taste. 

In lieu of limiting waste, SUTRA Superfoods is offering our bulk wholesale bags (normally only available to partnering coffee shops and wellness centers) to all SUTRA fans.

Our Bulk Wholesale SUTRA Gold contains a whopping 62 servings. That is a LOT of superfood goodness! 

Make it hot, iced, or into a delicious smoothie. 

SUTRA Gold = Spiced Chai Golden Milk Latte


Sip Hot - Stir 1 SUTRA packet or 1 tsp into an 8 ounce mug of boiling water or hot nut milk.

Sip Iced - Add your SUTRA packet (or 1 tsp) to 2 oz of hot water and mix to create a paste. Add the paste to a cup of ice and fill with 8 oz of your favorite non dairy milk.

Sip a Smoothie - Add your SUTRA packet or 1 tsp to a blender with 8 oz of cold nut milk or water. Add in additional thickeners (banana, avocado, chia seeds) or superfoods and blend.