Uses and Benefits of Reishi

Uses and benefits of Reishi Mushroom

What Is Reishi?

Red reishi is an herbal edible mushroom that's been used for thousands of years in traditional chinese medicine. In Chinese, the red reishi represents spiritual potency and immortality. It is an adaptogen herb which means it helps deal with the negative effects of stress (inflammation and hormone balances) in the body. Want to know the uses and benefits of reishi mushrooms? We got you!

What are the uses and benefits of Reishi Mushroom?

1. Liver Function and Detox

The adaptogen herb reishi assists in maintaining balance by improving liver function by allowing waste and toxins to be flushed through the body more efficiently. This releases free radical buid up and promotes overall health.

2. Boosts Immune System

Because of reishi's high antioxidant levels, they strengthen the lining of the digestive organs and fight off bad bacteria. This helps increase the number of beta-glucans in the body and increase vitality.

How do I use Reishi?

You can use reishi in dishes that you cook or order from restaurants, supplements, or through hot beverages (our favorite being SUTRA Black).

Reishi Mushroom Inspiration

Reishi Vegetable Soup

Reishi & Bok Choy Stir Fry

Reishi & Assorted Mushroom Pho

Reishi & Cacao Protein Bites

Want more uses and benefits of Reishi?

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This pitch black Instagram bestie has everything you need to detox. Not only does it taste like an old school hot chocolate, but it's packed full of healthy superfoods to give you a jolt of natural energy and increase your mental focus. We combined Cacao for natural energy, activated charcoal for a deep detox, reishi for increased brain clarity, coconut milk for gut health, cinnamon/cayenne for a metabolism boost, and vanilla/stevia for a touch of sweetness.

Ingredients - Organic​ ​Coconut​ ​Milk,​ ​Raw​ ​Cacao,​ ​Activated​ ​Charcoal,​ ​Red​ ​Reishi​ ​Mushroom,​ ​Vanilla​ ​Bean, Sea​ ​Salt,​ ​Cinnamon,​ ​Cayenne​ ​Pepper,​ ​Stevia​ ​Leaf​ ​Extract​ ​-​ ​Debittered

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