Uses and Benefits of Cayenne

Uses and benefits of Cayenne Pepper

What Is Cayenne Pepper?

Cayenne has been used as both food and medicine for the last 9,000 years. The cayenne pepper is a type of chili that is grown in Central and South America. Capsaicin, the active ingredient, gives cayenne it's medicinal properties and the amount of Capsaicin in each pepper determines their heat level. What what are the uses and benefits of our beloved cayenne? Let's get into this!

What are the Uses and Benefits Of Cayenne?

1. May Boost Metabolism

The capsaicin in cayenne gives it it's metabolism boosting properties. The heat increase in your body assists in burning more calories. A recent study showed people who ate breakfast with capsaicin paired with oil burned 51% more calories. Not only that but peppers have been shown to reduce the production of hunger hormones, helping you stay full longer.

2. Helps Relieve Temporary Pain

The capsaicin in cayenne reduces the amount of neuropeptides produced by the body which signals pain. With less neuropeptides, pain signals can't reach the pain and the actual feelings of pain subside. This has been shown to help with joint and muscle pain and pain after surgery.

3. Assists in Digestion

Cayenne is an incredible digestive helper. It stimulates the salivary glands which helps stimulate the flow of enzymes which are important for the body to metabolize food.

How do I use Cayenne Pepper?

You can use cayenne in dishes that you cook or order from restaurants, supplements, or through hot beverages (our favorite being SUTRA Gold).

Cayenne Inspiration

Spicy Cayenne Protein Bowl

Cayenne Pepper Hummus

Spicy Cayenne Popcorn

Red Bell Pepper & Cayenne Soup

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