Uses and Benefits of Black Pepper

uses and benefits of Black


What Is Black Pepper?

We usually think of black pepper as a flavor enhancer and not a revolutionary superfood. But it actually has lots of medicinal properties and health benefits. Want to know the uses and benefits of black pepper? We got you!

What are the uses and Benefits of Black Pepper?

1. May Promote Weight Loss

Pepper increases hydrochloric acid which promotes healthy digestion. The outer layer of the peppercorn assists in breaking down fat cells and suppresses fat accumulation. Studies have shown eating spicy foods can boost metabolism by 8% and that effect lasts for hours.

2. Full of Antioxidants

Black pepper is often added to tonics to treat coughs and colds in Ayurvedic treatments. It provides relief from congestion and helps expel loose material, assisting you in recovering from infections quicker.

3. Improves BioAvailability of Turmeric

When partnering with Turmeric and other superfoods, black pepper helps to transport properties to different parts of the body, making it more accessible to the body.

How do I use Black pepper?

You can use cinnamon in dishes that you cook or order from restaurants, in supplement form, or through hot beverages (our favorite being SUTRA Gold).

Black Pepper Inspiration

Black Pepper Crusted Ahi Tuna

Chinese Black Pepper Chicken

Balsalmic & Black Pepper Grilled Peaches

Black Pepper Tofu

Want more uses and benefits of Black Pepper?

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Our Golden Milk has everything you need to keep inflammation at bay. Not only does it taste like a smooth chai latte. With its powderful medicinal properties, anti-inflammatory compounds, and the ability to increases the antioxidant capacity, turmeric has been used for centuries as an immunity booster. Just add to hot water or nut milk and zen out.

Ingredients - Organic Coconut Milk, Turmeric, Rhodiola Rosea, Black Pepper, Ground Ginger, Vanilla Bean, Sea Salt, Cinnamon, Stevia Leaf Extract - Debittered, Cayenne Pepper

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