About Team SUTRA



Max Altschuler - CEO

Max was diagnosed at an early age with the digestive disorder Colitis. His mother, a yoga teacher and naturopath, recommended he try changing his diet to incorporate superfoods. Over the years he's experimented with many natural treatments that have minimized pain and inflammation, allowing him to live a normal life. 

As a serial startup early employee, Max worked like crazy to get companies off the ground. He depended on a few cups of coffee per day. Feeling the negative effects of too much caffeine, he quit suddenly. It's been 5 years since and he's been searching for an alternative as a hot, robust beverage until now.

Max's SUTRA Style - Gold first thing in the morning with steaming hot water.

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Ashley Strommen - Marketing

For years Ashley searched for a proper diagnosis, suffering from excruciating pain and deteriorating brain function that left her bedridden. After a Naturopath correctly diagnosed her with Chronic Lyme Disease and heavy metal poisoning, Ashley completely changed her lifestyle.

After learning the connection between disease and diet she studied to became a Certified Nutritionist with NASM and cut out all gluten, dairy, sugar, and meat. Thanks to superfoods, Ashley is now in remission and co-founded SUTRA and her blog Illest Optimist to give hope to other chronic disease sufferers and allow men, women, and children to take health into their own hands. 

Ashley's SUTRA Style - steaming hot water, with a splash of coconut milk and SUTRA Black around 2pm for a boost of energy.

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Matt Tamasi - Sales

In his mid 20's, Matt's health was failing. He had seen countless doctors for answers regarding digestive issues, chronic fatigue and brain fog, only to be pushed out the door with a prescription and no permanent solution.

This seemingly endless search for a diagnosis led him to functional medicine and identifying leaky gut and adrenal fatigue, and heavy metal poisoning as the source of his symptoms.

Proper nutrition became paramount, with superfoods being key to the process. By incorporating them into his diet, Matt was able to heal his gut, which in turn improved his physical and mental health.

He is determined to educate others on the benefits of functional medicine so they can live healthier lives. This led him to co-found SUTRA, where he heads sales and operations with the goal of putting superfoods into the mugs of as many people as possible! 

Matt's SUTRA Style - Black in the morning with almond milk and Gold with hemp milk right before bed.

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