Ingredients That Heal

No need to worry about which superfood to have and when. We've done the research and formulated the most delicious, beautiful, healing, energizing, and detoxifying superfoods. 
  • TURMERIC -May reduce inflammation and alleviate joint pain
  • MACA ROOT - May boost libido, prevent fatigue, and strengthen immunity
  • BLACK PEPPER - Increases bio-availability of turmeric and may stimulate brain function
  • STEVIA - Zero calorie anti-inflammatory natural plant-based sweetener 
  • SEA SALT - A vital electrolyte that may help optimize muscle and nerve function
  • VANILLA - May protect immune system and lower stress 
  • CINNAMON - High in antioxidants and may boost metabolism
  • CAYENNE - May naturally increase energy levels and elevate mood 
  • COCONUT MILK - Fatigue-fighting electrolytes and MCTs may increase energy