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Quit Coffee in 60 Days with 60 SUTRA Sticks

We’re on a mission to help people swap their coffee for SUPERFOOD Lattes. This could be a long term lifestyle change, or a Caffeine-Free version of ‘Dry January’ where you give your body 30 days away from your daily java. Either way, giving yourself a breather will help you:
  • Eliminate dependency on a drug (yes, caffeine is a d.r.u.g.)
  • Reset adrenals + stress hormones - for anxiety/weight issues
  • Alkaline the body - helps an overworked digestive system
  • Improve sleep quality + length (no stimulants means zzzz's)
We want you to get these health benefits and partner with us in our 30-Day 'COFFEE DETOX CHALLENGE’.
The best way to kick coffee is to taper off in small increments so as not to trigger the junkie-like withdrawal symptoms (especially the headaches, anxiety, and stomach troubles). SUTRA's mission is to assist you slowly dial down your caffeine consumption so your body can acclimate over time, and help you switch to a natural and healthy coffee alternative. 
Choose either 60 servings of our Cookies + Cream Flavored SUTRA Black or Golden Milk Chai Spiced SUTRA Gold or get a mixture of both and enroll in our 'Quit Coffee with SUTRA' program to receive:
  • 60 individual servings of SUTRA Black, Gold, or a mix of both
  • We recommend having 2 SUTRA's a day (one in the morning and one in the afternoon) while you are weaning off coffee, gradually creating a caffeine free life in 30 days
  • PDF detailing the easiest method to taper off coffee without the dreaded withdrawal symptoms, leaving you 100% caffeine free in 30 days 
  • Weekly emails with tips, testimonials, and motivating videos to keep you on track
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