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SUTRA Combo | Superfood Mix | Gold and Black

Tastes Like: a Golden Milk and Cookies and Cream
Our SUTRA's boost your energy naturally through the use of healing superfoods without the negative effects of caffeine. Try both of our delicious and energizing flavors today with our SUTRA Combo (and receive a 10-pack of Black and a 10-pack of Gold). It’s the perfect way to start each day or use as an afternoon pick-me-up. Add this delicious wellness superfood to your daily routine in place of coffee or to lessen your daily intake of caffeine. 
Our SUTRA Combo comes with a 10-pack of SUTRA Black and a 10-pack of SUTRA Gold. Each 10-pack comes with 10 single serve portable travel sticks, which yields 10 individual cups/ servings.  
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