Healthy Traveling Tips For Staying Skinny On Vacation

Air travel can be a pain in the butt when you are trying to live a healthy lifestyle. Take it from me - I'm Ashley Strommen, a Nutritionist and blogger for Illest Optimist (stalk me on Insta HERE why doncha).

You are either standing up pacing/waiting or confined like a sardine for hours, meaning little hope of exercise of any sort. You may find yourself stuck in the middle seat with the two nincumpoops to your left and right taking up both armrests. Don’t they know the cardinal rule? The unlucky ninny who sits in the middle get both armrests because their seat sucks the most.

It’s. Practically. Law.

Secondly, the options of airport healthy fare are slim to none. Oh, you have your ‘fake healthy’ nonsense that runs rampant. The sugar loaded meal replacement bars that give you a worse hangover than cheap vodka at an all inclusive resort in Mexico. The fat-filled danish or breakfast sandwich that comes with your basic unicorn frap. And don’t get me started on the puke processed airplane food.

No. No. NO!

But healthy travel is a necessity for unplugging from all consuming work and stress, broadening your horizons leading to spiritual growth, and getting a stunning sun kissed tan and swoon worthy Insta photos.

So how does one stay healthy as a mongoose while soaring through the sky on a jumbo jet?

I’m here to tell you my simple tricks to be the healthiest wanderlust traveler of them all.

Healthy Travel Tips Pre & Post Flight

1. Pack Snacks Like a Strategic Snake

  • Bring a big ol' purse (or a manly backpack if you are a bearded bro) as your carryon and always pack a bag of nuts, a ripe avocado/salt/veggies, and fruit of some sort (a green apple, cherries, or banana are the easiest to transport and nosh on). Knowing I have food already prepped keeps my craving for airport crap at bay. Other healthy options include hummus, protein balls, nut butter, kale chips, spring rolls, or lentils.

2. Stretch Like Nobody is Watching (Although Everyone Is)

  • I stopped giving a hoot what people thought of me a long time ago and it’s time that you do the same. I don’t care if I look like a wanna-be Summer Sanders, before boarding you will always find me stretching. Some warrior 1 and 2, backbends, basically anything that doesn’t include hands on the gross floor (leave downward dog for the bedroom and planks for a yoga mat).

3. Don’t Drink/Eat like a Frat Boy, Drink like You’d Imagine TSwift Does

  • Can you imagine that bubbly fit blonde princess chugging beer and asking the person next to her if they are going to finish their chocolate chip cookie? Hells no! She’s sticking to vodka/water/lime or rose, light snacks, and at least 3 waters during the duration of the flight. Do the same.

4. Zen out with Your Pen Out

  • Staying healthy isn’t just about choosing the best food and beverage. It’s also about relaxing your mind and generating a chill demeanor through stress reducing techniques (deep, I hear ya). Knowing this, I never hop on a plane without an old school pen and paper. I use most of the flight to free write my feelings, goals, and anything that's been nagging at me. It’s almost as if I am psychoanalyzing my own sexy self through an in-depth dialogue between my soul and the universe. Try it, I’m telling you it’s a game changer.

5. Sip A Hot Mug O' SUTRA to Zen Your Face Off

  • Kids are screaming/drooling/pooing in your face, turbulence has you confessing that one time you kissed your cousin to the guy sitting next to you, the flight attendant is giving you the side eye when you have to roundhouse kick your bag to get it to fit in the overhead bin. Flights can be stressful, am I right? What better time to sip on a delicious blend of superfoods. Choose SUTRA Gold (tastes like sexy chai heaven) to boost your immunity or SUTRA Black (a healthy hot cocoa throwback) for an awesome detox and stimulant-free energy. Just snag some stick packs HERE and throw them into your carry-on. Bing, bang, boom - instant delicious stress reliever.

6. Pre and Post Plans are More Important Than Destination Itineraries

  • I used to say, “Ugh I always get sick when I travel! My immune system must be crazy low or something.” The truth is, I just didn’t plan my pre and post travel routine properly. Before you step on that plane, make sure to drink like a fish (water that is) and eat as clean as an overly bleached surgeons hand at least 3 days beforehand. Also, don’t schedule a ton of work and to-do’s the day you get back. Allow yourself one extra day of vacay to sleep, put things away, and eat detoxifying foods like veggies, protein, and quinoa. It’s called a ‘mental health day’, and it’s all the rage.

So pack your bags and ginormous sun hat, you are ready to travel while still abiding by the healthy routine that gives you pride. But don’t be too strict with yourself. Celebrate at your destination with a glass of champagne. Or two. And say yes to that local staring at you across the bar. You know the dime piece has abs of steel. Plus a romance fueled romp-fest burns more calories than a spin class. Ya heard it here.