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SUTRA Superfood Lattes

SUTRA Black and Gold superfood lattes are no longer available for purchase. Thank you to our loyal customers for your support through the years.

The superfoods in our SUTRA Superfood Latte powdered blends naturally boost your energy levels. When sipped daily, they are an amazing coffee alternative for those looking to reduce or eliminate their caffeine intake.

Hot + Iced

SUTRAs superfood lattes can be made hot or iced with whatever type of non-dairy milk tickles your fancy. Almond, cashew, hemp, or oat. Take your pick.


Sometimes It's Best to say NO

Individuals who should avoid caffeine include

1. Anyone who suffers from anxiety (18% of the population)

2. If you suffer from chronic disease (50% of the population)

3. Pregnant women (caffeine increases chances of miscarriages) + nursing mothers (babies are sensitive to stimulants)

4. Those with blood pressure issues (1 in 3 US adults), as it has been linked with an increased chance of heart attack

SUTRA was designed to assist you

Quit Coffee + caffeine

We want to help you swap our your daily cup(s) of coffee for delicious Superfood Lattes. This could be a long term lifestyle change, or a caffeine-free version of ‘Dry January’ when you give your body 30 days away from your daily java.

To get the daily benefits of our superfoods, it is important to sip them daily. It's up to you whether you want yours hot, iced, blended into a smoothie, or used in your healthy baked goods.

Giving yourself a caffeine breather will help you:

- Eliminate dependency on a drug (yes, caffeine is a d.r.u.g.)

- Improve sleep quality + length (no stimulants means zzzz's)

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